Unlock your sexuality and explore all of your hidden desires. In Sexopolis you can find some of the best-selling sex toys of the global market whilst our wide variety of vibrators can excite all kinds of taste. Clitoral vibrators, Rabbit vibrators, Bullet vibes and G-spot vibrators are some of the tools that promise you numerous explosive orgasms.

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Start your sex toy adventures with a Classic Vibrator!    


Pink Silicone VibratorClassic shaped vibrators are probably the most sold and used sex toys in the world. It could either be a starter's toy or even an experienced user's sidekick! 


You can find one in numerous colors, shapes and variations, with a rechargeable battery or even with removable ones so that you can have it on the go and use it wherever you want! Most women prefer to start their sexual play ( solo or along with their partner ) with a classic vibrator because it's simple yet sexy and always delivers good results.


Stimulation ranges from vaginal to clitoral and even some times anal, if the toy has the right texture and a good vibration pattern. A classic vibrator is nowadays considered a "must" for anyone who fancies playing with sex toys in their bedroom! 


They can be ribbed, smooth or even a bit curvy and with a wave pattern in their surface. Vibrations are controlled by the integrated buttons on the base of the vibrator and most of them have at least three patterns of speed and could have escalating or rhythmical vibrations added to the mix so you choose the one that gets you off easier and better than the rest.


We even have a camera vibrator in our collection which lets you take a close look up on your vagina or anus! We also stock the complete Lelo line of products, along with other reputable manufacturers of classic vibrators such as Plaisirs Secrets, Sky by Ave and Zini. 



Notable mentions 

    • Simple to use
    • Variety of textures and sizes
    • Best for beginners in sex toys
    • Svakom Camera Vibrator
    • Ovo Vibrators
    • Lelo
    Lush Maya Classic Silicone Vibrator Out of Stock
    Slim vibe with a gentle, wavy shape. Features 10 vibrating functions. G-spot stimulation. USB rechar..
    Ex Tax: 24.15€
    Be fulfilled with this 17,8 cm waterproof vibrator. Enjoy its silky touch in the bath or anytime. ..
    Ex Tax: 22.54€
    Popsicle Silicone rechargeable vibrator. Super strong vibration. Innovative motor technology. 10 Rhy..
    Ex Tax: 28.19€
    The Yummy Sunshine Vibrator by Satisfyer is a warm welcome between the sheets. This vibrator is made..
    Ex Tax: 40.28€

    Double the pleasure with a rabbit vibrator 


    Nomi Tang Infiniti Rabbit VibratorHow about stimulating your clitoris while sensing a vibrating wave inside your vagina? Rabbit vibrators offer the best of both worlds, combining clitoral stimulation and vibrating penetration. We stock a wide selection of rabbit vibes from reputable manufacturers such as Lelo, Svakom, The Rabbit Company, Adrien Lastic and Nomi Tang. 


    The vibrating patterns of rabbit vibrators differ from one model to another. You can even find a rabbit vibrator with rotating shaft! It might look confusing at first ( for those of you who haven’t tried out a sex toy yet ), but once you get the hang of it, it can really deliver a great amount of satisfaction. 


    They’re fairly easy to operate once you get used to them. In addition to regular vibrating speeds and patterns you can also find rabbit vibrators with rotating shafts which will provide a totally different sensation! 



    Notable mentions 

      • Perfect choice for a Valentine's Day gift
      • Stimulation of the vagina & clitoris
      • Can provide rotating vibrations
      • Svakom
      • The Rabbit Company
      • Plaisirs Secrets Rabbit
      Pretty Love Carina Rabbit Vibrator - Black Out of Stock
      7 functions of vibration, 5 level of speed control, rechargeable..
      Ex Tax: 32.22€
      Easytoys Rotating Rabbit Vibrator Black Out of Stock
      The Rabbit Vibrator comes in many different styles and colours. It features multiple rotation speeds..
      Ex Tax: 30.61€
      Nalone Pure is a beautiful rabbit vibrator with a sleek design that is indispensable in your nightst..
      Ex Tax: 38.67€
      Silicone, waterproof, memory, USB rechargeable,12 functions of vibration, flexible..
      Ex Tax: 36.25€


      Stimulate your G-Spot and experience mind-blowing orgasms 


      Svakom Amy G-Spot VibratorDoes the G-Spot exist? Does it not? Does it really matter??? The subject of a heated debate, the g-spot is always on topic when discussing sex and orgasms. We firmly believe that the right amount of pressure and stimulation at the right spot ( and on the right time ), will give any woman a very strong and longer-than-normal lasting orgasm. 


      G-spot vibrators are a way of reaching this particular type of orgasm, with the help of their curved tip. They come at various shapes and sizes, ready to satisfy your appetite for pleasure. You may even find a heating g-spot vibrator in our collection! Their surface ranges from smooth to ribbed and some of them are bendable and flexible so you can twist them and make them fit inside you easily! 


      Your best bet with finding and around the g-spot correctly is with a toy that’s curved enough to reach it. Not all vaginas have it on the same exact spot so you might need a little bit of searching to hit it right! 



      Notable mentions 

        • G-Spot stimulation ( well, obviously! )
        • Can be used for prostate massage
        • Will help you achieve squirting
        • Brilliant G-Spot Vibrator
        • Svakom Heating G-spot Vibrator
        • Smile Gipsy Vibe


        Nomi Tang - Getaway Plus Black SALE Out of Stock
        Getaway Plus has been specifically designed to maximize your pleasure during G-spot stimulation, pen..
        79.95€ 67.96€
        Ex Tax: 54.80€
        B Swish - bdesired Deluxe Curve Black SALE
        Be discovered, be explored; with this 6-function, 12,7 cm waterproof curved silicone massager. Be de..
        26.95€ 22.91€
        Ex Tax: 18.47€
        B Swish - bdesired Deluxe Pearl Purple SALE
        The Bdesired Deluxe Pearl combines 6-functions, silky smooth silicone, and a pearl textured shaft de..
        26.95€ 22.91€
        Ex Tax: 18.47€
        B Swish - bgood Deluxe Curve G-Spot Vibrator Black SALE
        The Bgood Deluxe Curve incorporates harmonious curves and a supple, thrillingly textured silicone su..
        39.95€ 33.96€
        Ex Tax: 27.39€


        Tickle your Clitoris with our vast range of Clitoral Stimulators 


        Svakom Echo Clitoral VibratorSmall yet wonderful, most clitoral vibrators take on the task to pleasure your most sensitive erogenous area.


        On our website there’s a big selection of clitoral stimulators to choose from, which ranges from small and handy layons, to mini-clitoral stimulators with two vibrating tips for maximum pleasure. 


        If you want a really special feeling while playing with your favorite clitoral sex toy, try the Satisfyer Pro 2. It provides a suction-like feeling, it’s waterproof and comes at a relatively cheap price.


        With a clitoral stimulator you can get aroused while having sex, pointing the sex toy to that sweet spot of yours and experiencing both penetration from your partner and tickling vibration from the sex toy of your liking.



        Notable mentions

        • Really small and convenient
        • No need for penetrative action
        • Pinpointed clitoral stimulation
        • SheGasm Air Pressure Stimulator
        • Rubber Duckies
        • Crave


        Power Vibe Collection - Nubby G-spot Vibrator SALE Out of Stock
        This pink vibrator from the Power Vibe Collection is a multifunctional sex toy. The G-spot vibrator ..
        44.95€ 38.21€
        Ex Tax: 30.81€
        G Vibe 3 Flexible Rechargeable Anatomical Vibrator - Pink NEW!
        Gvibe 3 anatomical massager: number 1 in the world.Gvibe 3, third generation, is impressively sm..
        Ex Tax: 60.44€
        Made from sleek silicone with 10 powerful modes of vibration, this unique vibrator is a true orgasm ..
        Ex Tax: 32.22€
        Clitella is an oral clitoral stimulator that stimulates and excites the clitoris with different spee..
        Ex Tax: 32.22€


        Realistic Vibrators for a Life-like experience  


        Realistic Dildo VibratorsFor a more realistic and life-like experience, try a realistic vibrator now! We stock a wide selection of realistic vibrating dildos, with or without suction cups, from small to very big sizes! Many women as well as men prefer the feel and look of a realistic dildo so they won’t veer away from what they’re used to experience in real life sexual encounters. 


        We stock smooth, curved, veined realistic vibrators for everyone to choose what fits them best! If you fancy a realistic dildo to pleasure you while with your partner, choose one with a suction cup so your hands are free enough to do all kinds of arousing moves! Just stick it to a flat surface and let the fun begin! 


        Check the newly created and instantly best selling RealRock collection, you will be amazed at how true their details are. Realistic vibrating dildos come in many different sizes and colors, giving you the freedom to choose and play with exactly the one you like. 



        Notable Mentions

        • Life-like sensation
        • Veiny and textured surface
        • Suction cup for a hands free orgasm
        • RealRock
        • Sword Penis
        • Real Feel Deluxe Vibrator 


        Multispeed vibrator.Seven different functions.Three speed pulsating, one speed escalating and three ..
        Ex Tax: 20.12€
        With 7 operating functions!Rose-coloured penis vibrator with abstracted glans and pronounced vei..
        Ex Tax: 18.51€
        Heroes Flesh/Brown Vibrating is a realistic vibrating toy with a really fleshy feel. This real silic..
        Ex Tax: 32.22€
        Silicone Willy's is a quality upgrade on a bestselling realistic design! Made of platinum cured sili..
        Ex Tax: 24.15€


        Vibration & Pleasure at your Fingertips! 


        Finger Vibrator - Smile Little DolphinFinger vibrators are probably the smallest of them all! Handy and comfortable little fellas, they fit in your finger and could potentially be "life-saving"! You can have them with you wherever you are and use them just when the moment is right! 


        A finger vibe is always a good idea for some clitoral play, either in the form of preparing yourself for the intercourse, or while actually having sex, boosting your libido and senses to the max! 


        You can also check out the vibrating massage glove by Fukuoku; a wearable option with vibrating sensors all over your hand, ready to give a sensational massage to your partner! 



        Notable mentions

        • Vibrations straight from your fingers
        • Carry them anywhere
        • Very powerful
        • Vi-Bo Hand Orb
        • Fukuoku Gloves
        • Bang Her G-Spot Vibe


        Whether you are spending an evening pleasuring yourself or having a nooner with your partner, the Ri..
        Ex Tax: 10.44€
        Finger Bang-her Vibe Purple Out of Stock
        Whether you are spending an evening pleasuring yourself or having a nooner with your partner, the Ri..
        Ex Tax: 10.44€
        Tickle and tease with the pulsating mini-motor of our Bteased Basic. Easy to wear, its flexible grip..
        Ex Tax: 13.67€


        Experience ultra-strong orgasms with our Wand Massagers 


        Wand Massage VibratorsMany couples fear the idea of introducing a classic or a rabbit vibrator into their bedroom ( yeah, we find it equally weird!! ). Others, just want to get the best and strongest vibrations that a sex toy could deliver! For both groups, the answer is a vibrating massage wand!


        The massage wand's big and bulky head makes it easy to stimulate the broader vaginal/anal/testicular area, giving a very special feeling to both women AND men! 


        Try it with a drop of water based lubricant, letting it touch your clitoris, or have him lay down while you give him oral sex with the help of the massage wand sending the vibrating sensations through his testicles to his own body!


        It will change the way you look at a sex toy and we at Sexopolis think that it's going to be a sex toy you will crave to use every time you have sex! 


        After first trying out a massage wand, it's most certainly sure that it will be your favorite sex toy to use either alone or with your partner, you have our word!!



        Notable Mentions

        • Full body massage
        • Extra powerful vibrations
        • Enhanced with head attachments
        • 2 Speed Magic Wand
        • Fairy Turbo Massager
        • Doxy Massage Wands


        Doxy Die Cast Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator Out of Stock
        The DOXY wand vibrator relaxes every tight muscle. This stylish silver coloured vibrator has a power..
        Ex Tax: 120.93€
        Le Wand is a powerful wand vibrator of great quality with an elegant grey colour. The wand massager ..
        Ex Tax: 145.12€
        Nalone Rock Wand Vibrator - Pink Out of Stock
        An innovative design for maximum satisfaction, this rechargeable wand vibrator houses a powerful mot..
        Ex Tax: 34.64€
        Enjoy intimate moments with yourself or with your partner with this compact wand massager! The vibra..
        Ex Tax: 32.22€


        Vibrating Bullets : Good for starters and experienced lovers alike 

        Δονητές BulletA bullet vibrator is almost always shaped like a bullet ( hence the name ) and can always deliver really strong and unique vibrations. We stock a big variety of vibrating bullets for you to choose and we can safely admit that we even have a couple of those in our personal spaces! 


        You can even wear them as a vibrating necklace! Try them out when you want something that will deliver a really strong palm, but its size will remain at the ultimate minimum. Have one always with you in your personal bag or at your workspace locker room! 


        They are great for cliotral play but you can also use them anally, especially the ones that come with a separate remote control ( wired ), giving you the great opportunity to have it vibrate the inside of your anus while you pleasure yourself with your partner! 



        Notable Mentions

        • Discreet
        • Can stimulate the testicular area
        • Can be used anally
        • Crave necklace bullets
        • Rocks-Off Bullets
        • 10-Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator


        Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet Vibrating Egg Out of Stock
        The familiar styling of the classic bullet vibe gets a boost from the great Colt line of toys.Th..
        Ex Tax: 12.06€
        Feel Your Heart Flutter! True love is yours to hold with each potent vibration of this stunningly be..
        Ex Tax: 20.12€
        Stylish adorable and perfect as a gift. Powerful multi speed vibrations. Controlled by a convenient ..
        Ex Tax: 14.48€


        Mini Vibrators : Good things come in small packages 


        Μίνι Δονητές, Μικροί ΔονητέςSweet little devils, the mini vibrators come in many variations and colors. Similar to the bullet vibrators in size and shape, but closer to the classic vibrators in terms of functionality, they are a separate category by themselves, proving they're equally useful in your foreplay or main intercourse sessions. 


        Our Lipstick Vibrator is a perfect choice for full incognito mode. It looks like a normal lipstick/lipgloss and it's easy to have it with you without fearing somebody would take notice. Mini vibes offer several vibrating patterns and rhythms and are usually small enough to be used for clitoral play, yet "big" enough to fit relatively well inside you so they may even be used for penetrating purposes.


        They are also mostly silent enough that you can rely on for when you can't have a noisy sex toy which will bring suspicions and unwanted attention from maybe a roommate or a family member. 



        Notable Mentions

        • For internal & external stimulation
        • Ideal for beginners
        • Small & powerful
        • We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibrator
        • Lipstick Vibrator
        • Pocket Rocket Vibrator


        Nalone Ian Bullet Vibrator - Turquoise Out of Stock
        Ian is a compact but powerful massage bullet. This 20 function toy has a small body but a really pow..
        Ex Tax: 20.12€
        31 functions of vibration, silicone , waterproof, USB rechargable ..
        Ex Tax: 22.54€
        Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and so is this cute little vibrator!The twist-base vibration ..
        Ex Tax: 12.06€
        This pickle is kind of a big dill. With its too cute to resist shape, the Pickle Emojibator vibrator..
        Ex Tax: 24.15€
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