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Enrich your sex life and strengthen your stamina by choosing the right male sex toy for you and watch as your performance steals the show! Sexopolis provides you with a big range of toys anatomically designed for men, such as cock rings, prostate massagers, Fleshlights, masturbators and many more that will undoubtedly change your erotic routine.


Cock rings provide rock hard erections and delay ejaculation 


Cock RingsA cock ring is rather useful for every man that wants to have a harder erection! It keeps the blood flowing to the shaft of the penis, making it harder and harder as you wear it, also providing a delay in ejaculation as a rather desirable side-effect.


Cock ring types vary from single cock rings, to double rings as well as combined prostate plugs and anal locks with cock rings on the front side. 


They are stretchy and very flexible so you can fit it no matter what your penis size is. They come in packs of 1, 3 or even more rings to help you choose the one you like and fits better on your penis. The effects of the use of a cock ring are immediately visible by you and your partner, making it a direct solution to premature ejaculation and penile dysfunction issues.


Women like a harder penis and a longer lasting intercourse, so why not try the cock ring that best fits your needs? 




Notable mentions

  • Enhances erection
  • Delays ejaculation
  • Better self esteem
  • C - Ring
  • Oxballs Cock Rings
  • Ass Rocket & Cock Ring
HUMPBALLS is everything you loved about the original but it's softer, squishier, and even more durab..
Ex Tax: 3.99€
Aim for stronger erections and deliver longer lovemaking sessions with the effortless simplicity of ..
Ex Tax: 8.02€
Male enhancement rings. High tensile strength silicone. Stretches up to twice its original size. Wea..
Ex Tax: 5.60€
The Screaming O RingO's help keep him harder longer with stronger, fuller and firmer erections, and ..
Ex Tax: 8.02€


Harder erection and clitoral stimulation at once with our Vibrating Cock Rings! 


OVO B1 Vibrating Cock RingVibrating cock rings provide similar functionality with "normal" cock rings, also adding the vibrating function to further pleasure your female partner!


A vibrating cock ring will tickle the clitoris of your partner while it will give you a firm and hard erection so you can last even longer in bed! They come with or two vibrating bullets and are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. 


It's an easy and affordable way to feel a lot more pleasure than the normal cock ring would give you! You can choose the ring that best suits your needs, by taking a look at the vibration patterns, its ability to go under water ( showerproof ) so you can enjoy it in the bathroom and even by the intensity of the vibration that will make both you and your partner hornier! 


Choose your vibrating penis ring from Sexopolis today and enjoy 100% discretion on all orders! 




Notable mentions

  • Enhances erection
  • Provides clitoral stimulation
  • Delays ejaculation
  • OVO Vibrating Cock Rings
  • EasyToys Silicone Cock Ring
  • Prostatic Play Cock Ring
The Ohare double vibrating erection ring turns him into your favorite rabbit vibe with a comfort fit..
Ex Tax: 15.28€
This multifunctional toy is a vibrating cock ring, clit stimulator and ball ring in 1. The bullet vi..
Ex Tax: 18.51€
The DoubleO 6 vibrating erection ring features two specially positioned rings for an extra-secure fi..
Ex Tax: 14.48€
Vibrating silicone cock ring Size: ID 32mm, OD 51mm.Made of silicone. Bullet with one spee..
Ex Tax: 8.02€


Stretch your balls to the max! 


Ocballs Ball StretchersBall stretchers are used widely by men when they want their testicles and their sack to be hanging lower than normal. They delay ejaculation most of the times because of the pressure that they add to the balls and they can be enjoyed by all types of men.


Often used in BDSM games and/or gay moments, ball stretchers are good for anyone that wants some extra sensation to their testicles and has no problem managing a little bit of pain. 


Mostly made of a blend of TPR in order to be stretchy yet durable enough to last many uses, our collection of ball stretchers is complete enough to have you choose one that can suit your needs.


Choose from the Oxballs ball stretchers, or the Perfect Fit ones, along with other reputable brands that make these useful little devils! 



Notable mentions

  • Extreme feeling in your testicles
  • Delays ejaculation
  • Perfect for BDSM/Kinky players
  • Oxballs Ball Stretchers
  • Perfect Fit Ball Stretchers
  • ZiZi Ball Stretchers
Strict Leather Cock Strap and Ball Stretcher Out of Stock
This cock strap and harness comes in two different sizes in order to satisfy varying ball stretching..
Ex Tax: 36.25€
Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher - Grey Out of Stock
This cock ring and ball stretcher draws attention to your penis and balls by pushing them forward fo..
Ex Tax: 12.06€
Magnetize Magnetic Ball Stretcher Out of Stock
This heavy ball-stretcher will get the job done simply with the sheer force of gravity! Made of high..
Ex Tax: 46.73€
Deluxe Neoprene Vault Ball Stretcher + Cock Ring Out of Stock
This versatile piece holds him in place while helping to maintain his erection. The firm, yet flexib..
Ex Tax: 20.12€


Use a Prostate Massager to stimulate your most sensitive area 


Μασάζ για τον Προστάτη Anal Fantasy - Prostate StimulatorThe male G-Spot is somewhere most men won't ever attempt to reach, but trust us on this : you MUST try it out!


The prostate is a gland that's accessible from the anus and it's still considered a taboo by some cultures. Well, at Sexopolis we think that pleasure must come from every inch of the human body, whether that body belongs to a man or a woman.


That's why we offer you a big variety of prostate massagers and stimulators! You can choose vibrating or non-vibrating prostate massagers, while some come with a integrated cock ring to further help your erection!


By using a prostate massager, your erection is harder and more sensitive to almost everything and that is the main reason men are eager to try and regularly use one. You might need a water based lubricant if you're a starter, to avoid any pain from taking away the pleasure.


Lelo, Mystim and Njoy prostate massagers are all here waiting to penetrate and arouse your most intimate and sensitive area! You will definately love it!



Notable mentions

  • Elevates arousal
  • Rock hard erections
  • Can be used for foreplay & during sex
  • Lelo Prostate Toys
  • Anal Fantasy Collection
  • Njoy Prostate Dildos
This special prostate vibrator not only vibrates, it also has a rotating head.With this targeted..
Ex Tax: 38.67€
Rimsation 7x Silicone Prostate Vibe with Rotating Beads Out of Stock
Rimnation is a prostate stimulator with rotating beads. This massager has 3 speeds and 4 patterns of..
Ex Tax: 76.57€
Anal Fantasy - Prostate Stimulator Out of Stock
If you've never tried anal play, this Classix Prostate Stimulator is just what you need to explore t..
Ex Tax: 14.48€


Penis Extenders are an easy way to give more length & girth to your penis 


Fantasy X-Tensions Penis ExtendersSize DOES matter and its important for both you and your partner to be able to enjoy yourselves as much as possible when having sex! Our collection of penis extenders will give you enough options to choose from so that your penis will appear bigger and wider!


Your partner will love the extra size you will gain from using the penis extender and will surely enjoy every minute of you penetrating them!


We stock, among others, the Fantasy X-Tensions collection which is a complete collection of penis extenders. Single extenders, double penetration extenders and strokers/extenders combo, you won't be disappointed by your choice!


Made from very stretchy and durable material, the extenders are soft enough to fit your penis perfectly, but hard enough to penetrate your partner and have them feel every inch of it. Big variety in colors and shapes/textures will ensure every taste is satisfied!




Notable mentions

  • Provides more girth & length
  • More stimulation to vagina & anal area
  • Double Penetration
  • Fantasy X-Tensions
  • Perfect Fit Extenders
  • SONO Sleeves
Pleasure X-Tender Vibrating Penis Sleeve  5 Out of Stock
.Super-realistic penis extension sleeve for an increase of 3 inch in length and 50% in girth .Made f..
Ex Tax: 13.67€
The Extender Penis Sleeve is designed to extend the length of your penis. This sleeve helps you to o..
Ex Tax: 34.64€
This firm yet stretchy cock sheath provides added girth, length, and texture. Now you can go longer ..
Ex Tax: 26.57€
Cocksleeve that extends your penis and increases your girth. Mimics the feel of the human body. Warm..
Ex Tax: 13.67€


Fleshlight Girls are undoubtedly the best male sex toys in the world! 


Fleshlight Girls - The best male sex toys in the world! Ever thought of laying in bed with the porn star of your dreams? With Fleshlight Girls, it's possible! Well... you're not going to actually sleep with her, but rather have some even more intimate moments with her private parts!


Molded directly from every porn star's vagina/anus/mouth, the Fleshlight Girls collection is here to make you fall in love again with your favorite porn star!


They look like a flashlight so they're as discreet as it gets, but on the inside they're made from superior material that resembles the real life skin texture and feeling you would get from an actual woman! Enjoy the most prominent porn stars such as Stoya, Jenna Jameson, Asa Akira and many more!


You will need a water based lubricant ( silicone lubricant will deteriorate the sex toy ) to help you get inside and feel every bit of her as you would if she was laying in front of you.


The inside texture is full of ribs and wave patterns to help your erection stay hard and enjoy your ride. You can pair your Fleshlight Girl with lots of accessories for easier and more enjoyable play, ultimately making it the best male sex toy in the world!




Notable mentions

  • Personal Masturbator for Men
  • Variety of textures ( vagina, mouth, anal ) 
  • Famous Porn Star Molds
  • Stoya Fleshlight
  • Riley Reid Fleshlight
This Fleshlight is a lifelike replica of Janice Griffith's vagina. The Fleshlight is made of special..
Ex Tax: 44.31€
Upon entry, three small rings of bumps will grasp you tightly, followed by the ultra piercing pleasu..
Ex Tax: 44.31€
Fleshlight Girl Adriana Chechik Empress is the Fleshlight male masturbator which replicates Adriana ..
Ex Tax: 44.31€
Fleshlight Girls - Mia Malkova LVL Up Out of Stock
Mia Malkova's Lvl Up opens with a brand-new beaded tentacle spiral design, followed by chambers of p..
Ex Tax: 44.31€


Male masturbators : Pleasure made for men 


Male MasturbatorsWhether you like a vagina, an anus or a mouth better, you can have it all with our wide selection of male masturbators. Pocket, medium or bigger size, we have it all! Try using a male masturbator with the help of your partner, just before you get completely naked and start playing with each other.


The firm grip around your penis will set the pace for a hot night and a lustful experience. A male masturbator is a sex toy every man should have the chance to use, being the equivalent of a woman vibrator!


You can also benefit from using a male masturbator by using it regularly to further increase your stamina and build your ejaculation control so that your partner can get more pleasure from you and your hard penis!


We stock the very popular Tenga collection of masturbators, Pipedream Extreme as well as the all new Sqweel male masturbator / oral simulator and we guarantee that no matter your choice, the satisfaction you will receive upon using one of those sex toys will blow your mind!


There are also travel pack masturbators which are suitable for men who are on regular trips, making them ideal for a quickie in between the business meetings!




Notable mentions

  • Can help in ejaculation control
  • Life-like sensation
  • Can be used by couples for foreplay
  • Tenga Cups & Eggs
  • Vivid Masturbators
  • Blewit Masturbator
Elegance 7 Masturbator SALE
The Elegance 7 masturbator from the Kokos collection is always ready for your every need, wherever y..
24.95€ 19.96€
Ex Tax: 16.10€
M for Men Super Stroker - Pink SALE
The superstroker is a stretchy, sensually soft realistic masturbator.In the ribbed canal you feel 4 ..
16.95€ 13.56€
Ex Tax: 10.94€
PDX ELITE Tip Teazer Power Pump SALE Out of Stock
Experience intense pleasure right where you want it. Powerful vibration and amazing suction surround..
89.95€ 71.96€
Ex Tax: 58.03€
Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Masturbator - Black SALE
MANTA - Vibrating StrokerYOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING Toys made for penises are often eno..
99.95€ 79.96€
Ex Tax: 64.48€


Enhance & Enlarge your penis with our Penis Pump & Enlargers collection 


Penis Pump Bathmate HydromaxAnother great accessory for the man who takes his sexuality seriously, is a penis pump. With a penis pump you can achieve better blood flow and overall stamina during sexual intercourse, while being able to control your muscles and eventually the ejaculation, offering lots and lots of pleasure to your partner and more confidence to yourself.


If you follow a daily routing of pumping your penis you will eventually have a really agile and strong penis but bare in mind that you should not expect any actual increase in girth or length.


For increase in length and girth, you should try using a medical device known as Penis Enlarger. With the penis enlarger you get a medical certification of the product, proving that it’s use is 100% approved by medical experts and the results advertised are actual results stemming from scientific studies.


You will have to measure the length and girth of your penis, keeping track of your gains, as instructed by the instruction leaflet that comes with the device. Penis Enlargers give results that last and this is the reason the whole procedure takes up to 6-8 months to complete. Find yours at Sexopolis and change your sex life in the best possible way!




Notable mentions

  • Builds stamina
  • Provides harder erections
  • Provides penis enlargement ( length & girth ) 
  • Bathmate Hydropumps
  • Jes Extender 
  • Dusky Power Pump
Pump Worx Beginner's Power Pump - Black Out of Stock
The Beginner Power Pump will give you the size and confidence you have always dreamt about without a..
Ex Tax: 16.09€
Penis Pump With Squeeze Ball - Black Out of Stock
Enlarge your penis and simultaneously enjoy a great stimulation with this penis pump from the EasyTo..
Ex Tax: 16.09€
"Just the tip," she said. So it better be in tip top shape. Treat your angry two inches for a sensat..
Ex Tax: 20.12€
Medium pump sleeve fits 2inch and 2.5inch cylinders. Comfortable and durable for extended functional..
Ex Tax: 7.22€
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