Create an erotic mood beyond imagination and get ready for a whole new world with our vast collection of Best Seller products that are ready to tickle your senses. Choose from a variety of condoms, massage oils, stimulating gels and delay sprays and prepare to be amazed.

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Stop premature ejaculation with the use of a delay spray 


Rhino Long Power SprayDelay sprays & gels are an effective way of battling premature ejaculation. Most men have fears that don’t last long enough in bed and their performance is below average due to psychological reasons.


Anxiety & stress along with many other factors contribute to this problem, leaving couples unsatisfied with their sex lives. With the use of a delay spray, men can have a better control of their performance and can elongate the time it takes for them ejaculate. 


On Sexopolis you can find delay gels, cremes & sprays that work well enough to make you last longer and eventually live a healthier sex life with your partner.


You may also use a cock ring along with the delay spray, to further improve the delay effect and have a really strong and hard erection. 




Notable mentions

  • Stops premature ejaculation
  • Prolongs sexual intercourse
  • Beneficial to men’s self esteem
  • Stud Delay Spray
  • Rhino Long Power Spray
  • Long Power Marathon Cream
Wild Stud Delay Spray has a mild anesthetic effect that helps to delay the orgasm. Results in longer..
Ex Tax: 14.48€
Rhino Long Power Delay Cream 50 ml Out of Stock
Absolutely excellent delay cream for HIM! Can be preventative and effective against premature ejacul..
Ex Tax: 14.48€
What man doesnt want it? For more stamina & power in erotic loveplay and for a fulfilling love l..
Ex Tax: 10.44€
Boners Delay Spray delays your orgasm so you can keep going longer. It helps with oversensitivity an..
Ex Tax: 12.06€


A stimulating spray can help you achieve a stronger & harder erection


V Active Spray for MenIf you want to achieve an overall bigger satisfaction and feel like you have a harder and stronger erection then a stimulating spray is the way to go.


Used by both men and women, stimulating gels & sprays increase the blood flow on your erogenous areas, making you feel hornier! For men, this is crucial for achieving a better erection and for women it functions as a very good stimulant to further make them feel they’re ready to have sex. 


Use a stimulating spray 10-20 minutes before you start having sex and you will see the results just as you’re about to start the action. Just some drops or applications of the product and you will start to feel the blood flowing and arousing you as time passes.


Choose your stimulating spray from Sexopolis and have it delivered discreetly with same day shipping. 




Notable mentions

  • Stronger erections for men
  • More sexual arousal for women
  • Beneficial for couples who lack intercourse
  • V-Activ Penis Power Spray
  • Shiatsu Stimulation for Her
  • Clitorisex Cream
X Large is a penis massage cream. This hydrating cream contains, among others, Ilex paraguariensis. ..
Ex Tax: 10.44€
Kolossal Sex Cream is a special massage cream for your penis. This quality cream with exclusive vege..
Ex Tax: 10.44€
Shiatsu Stimulation Gel - Hot Chili Out of Stock
Exciting intimate stimulation gel Taste experience30 ML Hot Chili ..
Ex Tax: 8.02€


Give your partner a sensual and relaxing massage session 


Kama Sutra Massage Oil StrawberryOur top of the line massage oils can help you relax and release the tension from work or other stressful everyday activities.


Pour some on your partners hands, lay down and relax! Find the massage oil you like, scented or plain and start your day relaxed and rejuvenated! It doesn’t matter if you or your partner don't know how to give the perfect massage. 


The only thing you want is some spare time, dimmed lights and the will to have fun! Let your partner take care of the rest while you receive the pleasure of relaxation and inner serenity.


It could escalate to some sensual sex which is the best case scenario! Both you and your partner will enjoy our massage oils once you get to put a massage session into your daily sex routine! 




Notable mentions

  • Ideal for couples
  • Helps with arousal as foreplay
  • Body contact heat things up
  • Kama Sutra Massage Oils
  • Shunga Massage Oils
  • Shiatsu Massage Oils
Kama Sutra Oil of Love Sugared Berry - 100 ml Out of Stock
Nourish your lover ever so sweetly with Sugared Berry Oil of Love. It is warm, smooth and delicious ..
Ex Tax: 12.06€
Perfect for massages, perfect for pleasure. This massage oil from the Bijoux Indiscrets collection m..
Ex Tax: 14.48€
A deliciously scented massage oil for relaxation and de-stressing is always a good choice. The Kamas..
Ex Tax: 12.06€
Exotiq Body To Body Oil - 500 ml Out of Stock
Exotiq Body To Body Oil is perfect for massages. The silky oil allows your hands to slide smoothly o..
Ex Tax: 16.09€


Pheromones are nature’s way of saying “I want you!” 


PheromonesPheromone scented aromas and sprays that will help you attract that significant other…! Just some drops or sprays on your body and you will be ready to let everyone know you’re available!


You might even want to attract someone in particular, so a pheromone aroma will further help you reach that goal! We stock several aromas that help your scent be strong and gentle enough for other people to notice and take a good and sexy look at you! 


Pheromones are natural hormones that we all emmit, once in the mood for sex! By using the pheromone you like the most, your scent becomes stronger and more distinguishable than before.


Of course, you have to do everything else by yourself but it’s a good start to have your soon-to-be partner, smell you and feel the urge to want you even more! 




Notable mentions

  • Attracts your partner
  • Provides a special scent
  • P6 Mega Pheromone
  • Dona Pheromones
  • Eye of Love Aromas
Scented perfume for him. Infused with pheromones. Based on a secret formula that provokes an indiscr..
Ex Tax: 16.09€
Pherofem Eau De Toilette is perfume with pheromones for women. Pherofem contains pheromones that mak..
Ex Tax: 6.41€
EOL Mini Roll-on Perfume Man/Woman Fierce - 5ml Fierce Out of Stock
The Fierce scent from the Love on the Run collection gives guys just that little extra to seduce wom..
Ex Tax: 10.44€
After Dark Pheromones Perfume - Female to male Out of Stock
Eye of Love After Dark Pheromone Perfume is designed to give you an added advantage in your personal..
Ex Tax: 48.35€


Use a relaxing anal cream to further help you have a pleasant anal experience 


Pjur Relaxing SprayRelaxing gels & sprays are widely used before enganing in anal intercourse due to their relaxing and soothing properties. Using a relaxing spray before lubrication will help your anus open easier and with less pain.


It’s important to use it when your anus is really tight and you want to enjoy anal sex without fear of excessive pain or anything else that might disrupt you from enjoying anal intercourse. 1-3 sprays are most of the time enough, or a generous application when it comes to relaxing creams. Let it dry out for 5-10 minutes and you can apply your anal lubricant so it’s slippery and ready for action! 


Tightening creams & gels on the other hand, surve the puprose of making your entries a bit tighter! You may use them on your vagina so both you and your partner can get a better feeling upon penetration!


Many women use tightening creams after having birth or if they’re loose and want their partner to penetrate them in a more pleasurable way. Find your favourite tightening cream and experience better sex! 




Notable mentions

  • Relaxes or tightens the vaginal/anal area
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Can also be used for extreme sessions
  • Vagina Tightening Spray
  • Extreme Anal Spray
  • Anal Tightening Cream
Analeaze Cream Out of Stock
Rub on a small amount of creme on the anus and wait for about 1 minute, and because of the anaesthet..
Ex Tax: 6.41€
Shunga - Vaginal Tightening Gel Organica Out of Stock
Made from natural ingredients with astringent properties, this gel is designed for women wishing to ..
Ex Tax: 26.57€
Shiatsu Tightening Cream For Vagina Out of Stock


For all your intimate care needs! 


Hygiene Products and CreamsWhether it’s an after spanking cream, after shave gel, shaving cream, tampons or even hair removal creams, we have it! We stock a big selection of intimate area & hygiene products.


For all your intimate needs, Sexopolis offers you the best products from reputable brands to choose what fits you best. 


You can even buy your tampons from us, for those difficult days! Shop with absolute discretion on intimate care & hygiene products from Sexopolis. 




Notable mentions

  • Soothing after spanking creams
  • Bath products
  • Shaving products
  • Anal Whitening Cream
  • Kama Sutra Caress Creams
Intimate Area Trimmer Out of Stock
Give your most intimate zone a new style or remove it all.. ..
Ex Tax: 8.02€
Ingredients that naturally lighten your skin and gently even-out discoloration. Enhance your beauty ..
Ex Tax: 22.54€
Boners Penis Cleaner is specially made for sexy games that require a clean beginning and end. The pe..
Ex Tax: 12.06€
Anal Bleach With Vitamin C And Aloe Vera Out of Stock
Only a small amount is needed to whiten, brighten, and gently bleach your anal area! Vitamin C conta..
Ex Tax: 28.19€
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