Stimulating Sprays & Creams

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Stimulating Sprays & Creams
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Active Power Spray Men 50 ml

Especially developed for men, who want just a little bit more. For more strength & pure passion duri..

12.95€ Ex Tax: 10.44€

Boners Erection Cream

The special ingredients of the Boners Erection Cream help maintain your erection. By regularly massa..

14.95€ Ex Tax: 12.06€

Clitorisex Cream 40 ml

Clit stimulation cream with "Wild Yams" extracts. Perfectly balanced pH value, water-soluble and fre..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 14.48€

ClitoriX Active Clitors Stimulation Cream - 40ml

Especially for the vitalising care of the clitoris. ClitoriX promotes active blood circulation in th..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 14.48€

Durex Gel Intense Orgasmic Gel

Durex Gel Intense Orgasmic Gel is a stimulating gel for women. The gel can be applied to the clitori..

18.95€ Ex Tax: 15.28€

Ero Stimulating Clitoris Cream 30 ml

Intensify your climax with these stimulating and exciting products. You can use them to make your lo..

12.95€ Ex Tax: 10.44€

Kolossal Sex Cream

Kolossal Sex Cream is a special massage cream for your penis. This quality cream with exclusive vege..

12.95€ Ex Tax: 10.44€

Maxi Erect Spray 907 25 ml - 25 ml

Intime spray may increase penis sensitivity and erection strength. Vaporize Maxi Erect907 onto the p..

9.95€ Ex Tax: 8.02€

Nymphorgasmic Cream -15 ml

This cream can be used to increase the sensitiveness of the clitoris. Put a small layer of cream on ..

7.95€ Ex Tax: 6.41€

Penis XXL Creme - 80 ml

Daily massage with this creme will support ti stiffen HIM. Just see for yourself. 80-ml-Tube. ..

9.95€ Ex Tax: 8.02€

PeniX active - 75 ml

Penix Active care cream for penis and testicles. Causes increased blood flow and thus increased sexu..

24.95€ Ex Tax: 20.12€

Porn Star Erection Cream

Erection cream for erotic porn stars. Have you always been a little envious of actors in adult film..

12.95€ Ex Tax: 10.44€

Shiatsu Penis Power Cream For Men

Power cream Stimulating and promotes circulation Invigorating & endurance Intimate cream to incr..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 14.48€

Shiatsu Penis Power Spray For Men

Power spray Stimulating and promotes circulation Intimate cream to increase desire50 ML ..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 14.48€

Shunga - Dragon Virility Cream

In order to honor your partner with all your might while enhancing your pleasure, Shunga has created..

32.95€ Ex Tax: 26.57€

Shunga - Female Orgasm Cream

Apply on the clitorital region by taking time to massage the tissue under the clitoris. You will dis..

28.95€ Ex Tax: 23.35€

Shunga - Oral Pleasure Gloss

Discover the art of ultimate oral pleasure... Apply the gloss to your or your lover’s lips and exper..

22.95€ Ex Tax: 18.51€