Prostate Massagers

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Prostate Massagers

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Pretty Love Lillian Heating Prostate Vibrator

Anal stimulator, Dual motors, heating function, up to 48 degree, 12 fucnitons of vibration, silicone..

79.95€ Ex Tax: 64.48€

Renegade Mach I Wireless Prostate Massager - Blue

Climb on and ride Renegades Mach to bliss and pleasure. Powerful and wireless functionality. Encased..

54.95€ Ex Tax: 44.31€

Passage 7X Rechargeable Ergo Prostate Stimulator

Do more than just plug up that butt… make it hum! Cycle through 7 functions, including 3 powerful vi..

74.95€ Ex Tax: 60.44€

Prostate Twister - Prostate & G-Spot Vibrator

This special prostate vibrator not only vibrates, it also has a rotating head.With this targeted..

47.95€ Ex Tax: 38.67€

Rocks Off Quest Prostate Vibrator - Black

Get lost in sensual discovery. Quest is a slim and unintimidating vibrator for first time prostate e..

26.95€ Ex Tax: 21.73€

Rocks-Off Butt Boy 7-Speed Prostate Vibrator Μαύρος

lug and play. The worlds first combined butt plug and perineum massager.Sit or stand, the stimul..

74.95€ Ex Tax: 60.44€

Rocks-Off Rude-Boy 7 Speed Prostate Vibrator Κόκκινος

Are you a rude boy?- Powered by the award winning 7 speed RO-80mm Bullet - 100% waterproof -..

74.95€ Ex Tax: 60.44€

Cheeky Love Remote P-Pleaser Remote Prostate Stimulator

Powerful prostate stimulator with wireless remote controller and erection enhancer. 1 Powerful motor..

39.95€ Ex Tax: 32.22€

Dream Toys Prostate Hero Vibrating Massager

Rechargeable anal vibrator. 2 Powerful motors that delivers 9 vibration patterns each. Fully charged..

34.95€ Ex Tax: 28.19€

Midnight Magic Kronos Remote Controlled Prostate Stimulator | 8719632677277 | Prostate Massagers SALE

Midnight Magic Kronos Remote Controlled Prostate Stimulator

Powerful stimulator with stylish wireless remote controller. 1 Powerful motor. 3x9 Vibration pattern..

39.95€ 33.96€ Ex Tax: 27.39€

Prostate Vibrators


Prostate massagers are designed to support erection in men by providing additional stimulation on their prostate gland. Stimulating the prostate ensures a stronger and harder erection and more intense ejaculation. 


These well engineered and specialized sex toys are designed to be used by fitting them into the anus, something most men are at first uncomfortable with. With repeat use of a prostate massager this taboo wears off and men concentrate on their erection and overall better sexual performance. 


Prostate massagers come with a variety of vibration modes which are easy to be selected by the help of remote control or press-buttons. As most of the products are water proof, your session in the bathtub or pool are going to be much more enjoyable.


Prostate stimulators are made of premium quality material, (mostly silicone) which ensures they’re body safe and will not cause any allergies or skin issues. With a prostate massager, either vibrating or just as a plug, your erection will be healthier and rock steady, providing your partner with better quality of sex and yourself a higher self esteem! 

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